A love without dimension.

After a devastating car crash leaves him in a coma for nearly two months, seventeen-year-old David Abbott finally awakens one night in a hospital. Miraculously, he seems to have made a near-complete recovery, except in one crucial area: his memory. Nothing about his life, from his hometown to his own parents, seems familiar.

Desperate to fill this void, David visits the scene of his accident. Instead of answers, he finds a young girl, near dead and alone in the woods. The mystery around his own memories only deepens when she awakens and makes a series of unbelievable claims—including that she has been searching for him across time and space.

David dismisses her stories as crazed fever dreams at first. But the more time he spends with this enigmatic yet enchanting stranger, the more he starts to question his so-called reality. If what he feels for her is real, could her fantastical vision of their alternate life together be real as well?





“Right from the opening chapter, the poetic elegance of the prose, the visual imagery, the growing heartbreak as the reader comes to understand what’s happening even as the protagonist doesn’t… absolutely beautiful. I loved it.”

-Christopher Bailey, author of WHISPER